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Bedford, NS

To Save Time, We Appreciate Receiving As Much Iinformation As Possible About Your Eevent:

  • Your Name.
  • Your Email.
  • Your Phone Number.
  • When and how you’d like to be contacted.
  • What size floor you’d like. If unsure, please take a look at the pricing and sizing page.
  • The address where we’ll be installing the dance floor.
  • A description of the path from the parking area to the installation site. Are the stairs or inclines? Gravel, grass, or paving? Dance floors are heavy and the route influences the type of carts I can use and labor required.
  • What surface will be under the dance floor?
  • Will the dance floor be installed outside or inside? If it will be installed outside, will it be under a tent? If so, what size will the tent be and will it have sides?
  • What are your timing requirements for installation and pickup of the dance floor? Please include the date and start/stop times of the event, as well as any constraints before and after that would influence scheduling installation and pickup of the dance floor.